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Are you tired of everyone walking around wearing their I Love New York shirts?

Do you feel left out of the crowd knowing that you have never been to New York?

Well do I have a deal for you !

Now you can join the other team, the team that have not been to New York!

That's right ladies and gentleman, get your very own I Have Never Been To New York shirt now! This amazing once in a lifetime offer will only be available for a limited time, and the best thing is the price, get your newly beloved I Have Never Been To New York shirt, Not for $1000 not for $500, not even for $700. This amazing limited print t-shirt can be yours for only $20, but wait there's more, if you act quicly, we will throw in another brand new shirt for just $20 more dollars! That's right two shirts for $40. Can you believe it? How can you pass up this deal!

Act quickly ladies and gentleman, operators are standing by.

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