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Yakuza Baby T-Shirt


It was said that for the briefest moment, the well of souls had paused, and during it's brief laxness, a sum of unearthly darkness slipped through it's portal. The sun shuddered in the sky, a dimming haze inhabited it's light, and the earth became bathed in a hue unknown to all previous generations.


His skin was unlike any baby who had passed before him, covered in the marks of violence that possessed his mind. To be in his presence assaulted your senses, and no amount of bathing or powdering could mask his foul smell. Though he was often adorned in cute hats and booties, he continued to cause spasms of terror in those who viewed him.


Time was then divided into a new segment, it was no longer AD and BC, but the time before Baby Yakuza, and all time that followed after.

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