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Currancy Convertor


Your Girlfriend, My Girlfriend Shirt

Wow, that's a nice new car you have there, thanks for showing me that. Oh, a nice new big screen HDTV at home too?

Your big promotion at work sure does get you a lot of cool stuff.

Yes I know you are bigger than me, no need to point that out, even a two year old can see that, you do realize UFC bouts are not won with the weigh in though right?

Hey man I am starting to see a pattern forming here. You are obviously pretty high on yourself right now, and normally I wouldn't mind, but you seem to be insinuating you are better than me or something, so before you go thinking that you are an Alpha male, and I am a Beta, I just want you to have a good look at something here.

This is my girlfriend, that is your girlfriend.

Again, Your girlfriend, My girlfriend.

Nuff Said?

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