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Ladies Singha Beer Logo Shirt

Singha, (Thai: สิงห์, correctly pronounced singh or sing, but typically pronounced by foreigners to Thailand as sing-ha)

Brewing beer in Thailand began in 1934. (although the Singha label says "SINCE 1933") Locally produced Thai beers face competition from major international brands, but have successfully found their own niche in the Thai market and abroad.

Thai beer is typically lager. Shingha is the oldest and most popular Thai beer in Thailand and abroad, brewed by Boon Rawd Brewery. Singha also appears in Thailand in Light (3.5% ABV) and Draught versions.

Recently, Singha has been challenged by Chang beer, made by Thai Beverages. Chang is noted globally for its sponsorship of Liverpool's Everton football club, as its name and logo have appeared on the team uniform since 2004.