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Little Miss Giggles Shirt

Little Miss Giggles can't stop giggling; she giggles so much it makes everyone else giggle too. Little Miss Giggles seems to have a connection with Mr. Happy and Mr. Funny. One time during her daily walk she loses her giggle; she meets Mr. Happy, and they both go to Dr. Makeyouwell. To solve the problem, where Mr. Happy gives Little Miss Giggles a "giggle".


Little Miss Giggles has been published under the alternative titles of Madame Risette (French), Mevrouwtje Giechel (Dutch), Unsere Inge Immerfroh (German), 笑嘻嘻小姐 (Taiwan), Η Κυρία Χαχανούλα (Greek), 웃음양 (Korean) and Menina Risonha (Portuguese).




"Just wanted to tell I received the shirt and am very happy with it (nice shirt quality!) ;) Thank you and good luck with your buisiness! I will recommend your service to others ;)"

Pugovičs-R Riga, Latvia