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Black Flag My War T Shirt


American band Black Flag's second studio album My War released in 1984, on the album's B-side the band slowed down to a heavy, Black Sabbath-esque trudge, despite the reputation the band had earned as leaders in fast hardcore punk on its first album, Damaged (1981).


Black Flag's studio return featured a fresh approach to its music that incorporated a greater variety of styles, resulting in a sound orthodox punks found difficult to accept.


The six tracks on the A-side of the LP are mostly high-paced, hardcore thrash, featuring punk guitar solos. On the B-side are three tracks in sludge metal style, each breaching six-minutes with ponderously slow tempos and unrelenting dark lyrics. The band members grew their hair long when they toured the album in 1984, this alienating some of their skinhead fan base. My War had a major influence on sludge metal, grunge, and math rock.

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