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Black Sabbath Never Say Die Shirt


Never Say Die! was released in 1978 by the British rock band Black Sabbath as their eighth studio album. This was the last studio album featuring the band's original lineup, and also the last studio album with original vocalist Ozzy Osbourne until 13 was released in 2013.


The british rock band Black Sabbath were formed in 1968, by main songwriter and guitarist Tony Iommi, main lyricist and bassist Geezer Butler, drummer Bill Ward and singer Ozzy Osbourne. The band have experienced many member changes, with guitarist Iommi being the only constant presence in the band. Black Sabbath incorporated horror-inspired lyrics, and occult themes with tuned-down guitars. Black Sabbath also composed songs dealing with political corruption, social instability, the dangers of drug abuse, and the horrors of war.

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