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Black Veil Brides T-Shirt

The American rock band, Black Veil Brides, formed in 2006 in Cincinnati, Ohio and is currently(2017) composed of Andy Biersack (lead vocals), Ashley Purdy (bass, backing vocals), Jake Pitts (lead guitar), Jinxx (rhythm guitar, violin) and Christian "CC" Coma (drums) Black Veil Brides are known for their use of black makeup, body paint, tight black studded clothing, and long hair, which were all inspired by the stage personas of KISS and Mötley Crüe, as well as other 1980s glam metal acts.


Black Veil Brides is a Roman Catholic term used for when a woman devotes her life to God and marries into the church. Which may be similar to a rock band where you have to give up many things in pursuit of what you're passionate about. It also has the dichotomy of the positive and negative. The happiest time in one's life, could be getting married. And the opposite of that in one's life would be at a funeral of a loved one. It all tends to fit really well for a dark and heavy rock band.

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