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Rocker's Hand X-Ray Shirt

An unknown, self taught scientist in Tuktukuktuk recently performed a series of illegal experiments for over a decade, on a random assortment of both humans and animals, who walked down the township streets.


Without consent from the test subjects, victims were shot with tranquilizing darts using a walrus tusk blow gun. Victims were then quickly dragged into the back room of the local pizzeria for some black magic rituals, as well as photocopying, flour smearing, and then finally x-raying.


With the exception of this strange hand x-ray of the local town "mega rocker" featuring guitar frets on the bones of his middle finger, there were no other remarkable discoveries.


After the experiments, the still unconscious victims we're then dragged back into the town street. An icy cola, and a warm pizza were found laying beside each of them as they awoke.

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