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Price Match Plus Policy / Price Protection Policy


Online Retail Competitors

If you find a lower online price (including shipping, handling and delivery) on an identical branded item with the same features (in Home Electronics identical brand and model number) currently available from a local competitor retail store honoring its own online price and the item is currently available for sale and delivery in your area, PlanetaryBargains will match that total price Plus, give you 10% of the difference. Just copy the ordering page URL, including shipping, handling and delivery, and email the information to:



PlanetaryBargains will not price match competitors' items that are limited in quantity, offered for sale for less than six hours during a day, or offered for sale during the day after Thanksgiving. PlanetaryBargains will not price match competitors´ bonus or free offers, special offers, bundled offers, rebates, financing offers, coupons, clearance or closeout prices, or prices on used, damaged, returned, open box or display merchandise. PlanetaryBargains will not price match services. PlanetaryBargains will not match typographical errors or competitors' prices that result from a price match. Photo copies of advertisements or receipts will not be accepted as verification of competitor pricing. PlanetaryBargains will not price match exclusive limited time offers.


Price Protection Policy

Buy with confidence from PlanetaryBargains. If an item you have purchased from PlanetaryBargains goes on sale for a lower price within 30 days of your purchase, PlanetaryBargains will refund the difference.

To claim a Price Protection Policy adjustment, please send your salescheck number and item for which you are requesting a price adjustment to:

You will be given a refund for the difference of the original selling price and the current advertised/reduced price.

Apparel clearance merchandise does not qualify for Price Protection Policy adjustments.

Unless otherwise stated, promotions with a specific time window such as early open specials and one -day sales will be honored under the Price Protection policy only if the receipt is presented during the promotional time window. Deferred interest financing is not a price, and is not subject to the Price Protection Policy.


Price Match Plus FAQs


Q: Do you match limited quantity offers by local competitors?
A: No, our policy does not apply to local competitors' limited quantity offers.


Q: What if the local competitor’s item is not listed as being limited quantity, but the item is not in stock?
A: If a local competitor is out of stock of the particular item, we will not match the local competitor's price. “In stock” means that the item is available for same day pickup or a scheduled delivery by the competitor. We reserve the right to call the local competitor to verify if the item is in stock.


Q: Can I combine a price match with a separate promotion from PlanetaryBargains?
A: In order to determine if a price match is appropriate, PlanetaryBargains will determine the final PlanetaryBargains price by factoring in any sales, rebates or coupons and comparing that price to the local competitor’s price.


Q: Can special offers ( financing, delivery, installation, etc) at a competitor be price matched?
A: We only match a competitor’s price. We do not match a competitor’s financing or deferred interest offers, deliver or installation offers.


Q: Does PlanetaryBargains price match limited time promotions, such as early opening specials or doorbusters?
A: No, if the competitor’s promotion has a duration of less than 6 hours, it is excluded from our price match policy.


Q: Do you price match the day after Thanksgiving specials?
A: No, we no not match local competitor’s day after Thanksgiving special offers. These offers are typically limited in time and quantity.


Q: What proof is required to obtain a price match?
A: You are required to provide the competitor’s current advertisement. Photocopies will not be accepted. In addition, we may call the store to verify price and availability.


Q: What do you consider to be a local competitor’s retail store?
A: Local competitor’s retail store refers to a store that is in the same market and/or within a reasonable distance of our store.


Q: Are PlanetaryBargains services or protection agreements eligible for price matching?
A: Due to the differences in services being performed, PlanetaryBargains does not match competitors' service prices. This includes, but is not limited to, services such as delivery, installation, assembly and automotive. PlanetaryBargains does not price match protection agreements.


Q: Will PlanetaryBargains match its own prices?
A: Under the PlanetaryBargainsPrice Protection Policy, PlanetaryBargains will adjust a customer’s price if the item goes on sale up to 30 days after the initial purchase. See the Price Protection Policy for details


Q: How do you handle a price match if the PlanetaryBargains price includes a promotional offer such as a free gift card or rebate?
A: The PlanetaryBargains net purchase price is calculated by deducting the value of all instant and mail-in discounts such as rebates, free offers and promotional gift cards. Existing rebates and free offers associated with a product purchased at PlanetaryBargains will not apply if a price match is executed.


Q: Does PlanetaryBargains match prices of Internet retailers?
A: PlanetaryBargains will match prices of an Internet retailer with a local retail store honoring its own online prices. PlanetaryBargains will not match prices of Internet-only retailers. Web-exclusive prices are also exempt from price matching. Eligible items must be the same brand and model, and currently in stock at the local competitor's store. For purchases, please email the information to:


Q: What does “identical item” mean in Home Electronics?
A: An “identical item” is a nationally branded product with the same model number. This item must be new and in-carton and include the same US warranty and same accessories as thePlanetaryBargains item.


Q: Does PlanetaryBargains match retail stores that require a membership?
A: PlanetaryBargains will match membership club stores.Customers must present their current membership card along with the proof of the price that is being matched. PlanetaryBargains does not price match military PX retail stores.