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At Skywalker, making beer is only part of the job. From Skywalker, the Great Tatooine Lager, to the Skywalker Dark Side Ale, through to our ads and holographic commercials, making friends has always been our first order of business, and our first priority.


In fact, those people who brew, deliver and serve Skywalker are your friends and neighbors. That’s why we’ll continue to brew Skywalker and all our great beers with the commitment to quality you’ve come to expect, ‘cause after all, friends are worth it. And like the great taste of an ice-cold Skywalker, that won’t change.


Even if you don't have any friends, Skywalker will be your friend, in fact you can have a whole pack of ice cold friends if you like, Skywalker Dark Side Ale always has time for you.

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