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Asahi Logo Shirt

Asahi Breweries, is a leading brewery and soft drink company based in Tokyo, Japan. In 2009, Asahi had a 40% share of the Japanese beer market.

Asahi's primary beer, from the late 1950s through to the late 1980s, was Asahi Gold, (previously their primary beer had been the companies original formula, Asahi Draft, which is still in production). In 1987 they introduced Asahi Super Dry, which began a Japanese craze for dry beers; this led to a dramatic turnaround in Asahi's business performance, and a surpassing of it's main competitor, Sapporo Brewery, in both sales and profits.




"Dude I just received the shirt. THANK YOU. I like it. it’s really good quality -- not the cheap stuff."

Derek-G New York, NY USA


*We have no affiliation with Asahi Beer

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