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All these evolution diagrams are starting to wear on me, I am starting to have nightmares that everywhere I go there are monkeys and cavemen following me.

Sometimes I am just walking down the road and I feel like I am being watched.

What if all these evolution diagrams I see are true? What if I am being followed right now? It can’t be that there are always a line of monkeys and cavemen etc behind me, I mean if I look in the mirror I only see me right...Hmmm wait a minute, all the other humanoids in those pictures are actually smaller than the man…that would mean that… if they were behind me, and I looked in the mirror…I wouldn’t be able to see them right?

Oh no! What if they are really behind me now?

OK I will just turn around really fast and have a look 1….2 ……3 ARGGGGGHHHH! They are Behind me !!!

Stop Following Me!

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